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The Val Sanagra Orrido: the Canyon of Menaggio

5 Km 02:00 h (circular walk)

This walk leads through the fascinating gorge of the Val Sanagra following the course of the river between two imposing rocky walls into a deep narrow spectacular canyon.

View of San Martino on the slopes of Sasso San Martino
Sasso San Martino

14 Km 04:30 h (circular walk)

This splendid circular walk, which you can start directly from Menaggio, leads to Monte Crocetta and from there continues to Sasso San Martino from where you can enjoy a  wonderful view which embraces a large part of Lake Como.

Il Sentiero delle Espressioni

9 Km 03:30 h (circular walk)

This itinerary combines the charm of a walk in the middle of nature with the beauty of art. You can admire sculptures carved in wood that stand in the middle of the meadows and in the woods.

View from Monte Bregagno
Monte Bregagno

9 Km 03:45 h (one way)

From the top of Monte Bregagno 2107 m you can enjoy a spectacular view of Lake Como and the surrounding peaks. The enchanting panorama will make you forget the length and steepness  of the hike.

View of Menaggio from the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Pace at Nobiallo
Menaggio and its villages itinerary

11 Km 03:00 h (circular walk)

Questa passeggiata circolare collega Menaggio con le sue tre frazioni Croce, Loveno e Nobiallo e porta a scoprire le loro testimonianze storiche e artistiche.

Piazza Garibaldi
Historical walk through the town

1 Km 01:00 h (circular walk)

Menaggio has various historical monuments which recall its importance through the ages. Discover them with this itinerary.

the church of San Lucio on the Swiss Italian border
San Lucio

6 Km 02:00 h (one way)

A walk among pasture fields and over steep slopes to the church of San Lucio (alt. 1542 m), which stands on the border pass between the Val Colla (Switzerland) and Val Cavargna(Italy).

Lakeside walks

20 Km 05:00 h (one way)

A serie of three easy and relaxing lake side walks along newly built promenades, away from traffic; also ideal with strollers.

Rifugio Croce di Campo

9 Km 02:30 h (one way)

Il Rifugio si trova nella Val Cavargna, splendido balcone sulle Alpi Lepontine, da dove è possibile continuare con panoramiche passeggiate verso le cime sovrastanti.

hike to alpine mountain lake Lago Darengo
Lake Darengo

12 Km 04:50 h (one way)

At an altitude of nearly 2000 meters hidden at the end of a glacial valley and surrounded by pinnacles of bare rock is Lake Darengo.