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Il Sentiero delle Espressioni


This itinerary combines the charm of a walk in the middle of nature with the beauty of art: in the splendid landscape of the Schignano mountains in the Intelvi Vally, there is in fact a fascinating open-air art exhibition made up of sculptures carved in larch and chestnut wood, distributed in strategic points in the middle of the meadows and in the woods. The artists are members of the MASCH.ERA association, the wood carvers of the traditional masks of the historical carnival of Schignano.


From the bus stop at Schignano (alt. 650 m) in Via Roma, cross the provincial road and take Via Domenico Giobbi which ascends to the center of the town. Past the town hall, you reach Piazza San Giovanni where the church San Giovanni stands. On the left side of the fountain, take Via Gordona which leads up to the end of the town. Continue straight on and after crossing the road that connects Schignano with Posa, you reach the locality of Marnico.

Continue on the mule track that leads on to the paved road and follow it to the right in order to arrive at the settlement Posa 836 m.

Continue straight on and ignore the mule track that branches off to the left for the Gringo. When you reach the end of the settlement, on the left, you see the beginning of two mule tracks. Take the first one with the way mark “Alpe Nava, Alpe Comana, Sentiero delle Espressioni”. In the woods you must follow the signs with the appropriate mark, always easily visible. In about 20 minutes you reach Alpe Nava (alt 950 m), the starting point of the Sentiero delle Espressioni, where you find the first sculptures.

Leave the Alpine farmhouse of Alpe Nava on the left and follow the yellow signs, in order to reach the Alpe Comana, where there is the Agriturismo Pratolina farmhouse with restaurant stands.

Walk  around the beverage pond of the alp. Take your time to observe the lovely sculptures. You arrive at a fork. Before continuing the route, with a steep but short climb (follow the signs of the CAI, direction Monte Comana) you reach the top of Monte Comana (1,210 m), a wonderful viewpoint over Lake Como.

Retrace your steps to the fork and continue through the woods following the ridge line in the direction of Roccolo del Messo (1,153 m), an ancient bird catching structure From here, further along the route called La Conca di Schignano in approx. 20 minutes you arrive at Colma di Binate (alt 1,125 m).

From the Colma di Binate you continue on an easy path along the slope of the mountain to the locality called Crocette. From here an ancient mule track branches off to the left and  descends in the direction of Schignano. The mule track, passes through the locality of Treviglio, and descends in approx. 30 minutes to the settlement Posa. From here you follow the outward path back to the center of Schignano.

The Schignano Carnival:

The carnival of Schignano still maintains its ancient and traditional character which is characterized by splendid wooden masks. The whole parade is based on the juxtaposition of two main characters: “i Bei” the beautiful and “i Brut”  the ugly. I Bei or Mascarun represent those who left, emigrated in search of fortune and succeeded in their intent. They wear refined clothes, very colorful and covered with lace and shawls. The Brut covers his face with a hand-carved wooden mask, often hard in the features or at least sad. They represent the humble field workers, bricklayers, farmers, and above all the emigrants left in search of fortune who carry with them an old and worn suitcase containing the tools of their trade. The archaic origin strongly emerges from the figure of the Sapeur in close contact with nature, due to the fact that they are completely covered in sheepskin. For this reason, they could represent the peasant or forest authorities. The Carlisepp is the puppet that represents the Carnival. Hanging in the main square during the holidays, he is destined to be set on fire in the final burning of Shrove Tuesday, but not after having tried to escape in vain in a dramatic and daring race through the crowd and the alleys.

Directions & Parking

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Those traveling by car from Argegno follow SP 15 as far as Schignano. it is possible to proceed to the hamlet Posa in order to shorten the walk.

By public transport

From Argegno to Schignano with AFS bus line  C21.