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Evelyn Mylius Fountain

Squares & Monuments

The Evelyn Mylius Fountain donated to the Menaggini in 1896 by Evelyn Mylius, bears the inscription "De Neufville Mylius Evelyn" in tribute to the donor and her family.


The column, with the fountain that surrounds it, was donated to Menaggio in 1896 by Evelyn Mylius from Milan, married to Otto De Neufville. The artifact, placed in largo Cavour, in front of the hotel Corona, remained there until 1932, when it was moved to the lido and, three years later, transferred to piazzale Vittorio Emanuele and, since 2021, placed here. It bore the inscription: "Von Neufville Mylius" that is the name of the family lineage, acquired by the donor.

In 1918, in an anti-German context, the tombstone, at night, was torn and thrown into the lake by unknown people, also following the instigation of a man who sent, on October 13, to "La Provincia" a delirious letter. The reaction of the mayor, Benedetto Castelli, was immediate: on November 7, he convened the City Council and on the following 18th he made public the minutes in which he expressed "The deep regret of the entire Council and of the population for the event that took place and the decision to have the torn plate with the primitive inscription "De Neufville Mylius Evelyn" placed on the fountain.

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