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Menaggio Lakeshore promenade

Lakeshore Promenades

Menaggio's jewel in the crown is its lakeside:
Menaggio lakeshore promenade, with its large hotels and beach, is one of the most elegant in the Lario area and offers a unique view of the centre of the lake. It is a truly evocative and characteristic itinerary bordered by narrow squares, open spaces with welcoming arcades and access roads to more backward squares from which narrow streets of ancient construction branch out.


Starting from the small tourist port, the lakeside first faces the old town with its characteristic arcaded houses, then continues on the edge of parks and gardens of villas and hotels, and, along the Menaggio beach beyond the estuary of the Sanagra stream, flows into the Regina state road at the level of the small church of San Rocco, built in 1772.

Walking along the lakeside you can admire the Monument to the silk weavers created in 1990 by the sculptor Francesco Somaini on commission of the Mantero family.

Under the shadow of the plane trees, directly on the lakeside there is also a well-equipped minigolf, for those who want to spend a few hours of fun without renouncing to the view of the lake.

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