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Church of the Alpini

Religious Places

The Chiesetta degli alpini is located in the hamlet of Croce, Menaggio.

Built in 1975 on a project by L.M. Belloni and dedicated to San Maurizio. Inside frescoes by B. Azimonti and wrought iron works by B. Pollini.


A beaten earth road leads the visitor from the center of Menaggio to the middle of the mountain from where, on foot, one can continue for half an hour and arrive in Crocetta.

This is a place already "garrisoned" by the Alpines: in fact there is a small church dedicated to the Fallen of all wars, built on a post of the Line by the Alpines Group, designed by the late lamented Alpine Mario Belloni and inaugurated in 1976.

The position is enchanting: in proximity of the Cross, (from here the place name), erected by a nobleman from Mantova you have a panoramic view on the center of the lake; in clear days the perspective goes from Bellagio and the Tremezzina on the branch of Como to Dervio on the high lake to Mandello on the branch of Lecco.

Here the mountain opens in a small plateau where every year the group organizes the alpine party. On the whole area around the plateau and on the side of the mountain that turns to the lake, you can see many finds of the Cadorna Line: trenches, walkways, control posts, barracks.

Further back, settlements hypothesized as dormitories, places of shelter and warehouses of victualling; even a hygienic service is still visible. Also near the Chiesetta we find walkways and trenches recovered during works continued for years by the alpine troops. There is also a poster that helps the visitor.

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