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Historical bas-reliefs

Point of Historical Interest

In Menaggio, in the locality of Castello, there are some interesting historical bas-reliefs.

Arch key (15th cent.) emblem of the castle and of the Municipality of Menaggio and epigraph of Lucius Minicius Exoratus (1st cent. A.D.).


In the middle of Via Calvi we find the small Church of S. Marta of the XVI century. To be observed with attention are the marble slabs placed outside this small church.

One of them is a fragment of a Roman funeral tombstone of Lucius Minicius Exorato, an important imperial official of the first century A.D. It was found in the lake in front of the Roman walls of Santa Maria Rezzonico, and transferred here in the first half of the sixteenth century by the humanist Francesco Calvi from Mantova, who believed he had found in the name Minicius the origin of the toponym of the village.

Another important find is a stone arch key of the 15th century with the bas-relief representation of the castle of Menaggio, which has become the municipal coat of arms.

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