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Church of SS. Bartolomeo and Nicola

Religious Places

The Church of SS. Bartolomeo and Nicola is located in the hamlet of Nobiallo, Menaggio.

Inside there are 17th century canvases and, on the vault, frescoes by L. Tagliaferri (1898); on the facade pictorial fragments and, on the north side, a medieval coat of arms (ant. 15th century).


The architectural complex includes the church, the bell tower and a small adjacent oratory. The church has a single nave with side chapels, covered by a pitched roof with a mantle partly in stone slabs and partly in Marseille tiles.

The bell tower, with a square plan, is on the south side; it is covered by a pavilion roof and characterized by a strong slope.

The buildings are built in masonry, plastered in the case of the church and entirely in view in the bell tower.

Historical Notes

Construction period: 1724 - 1797

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