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Monument to the silk weavers

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On the lakefront of Menaggio stands the monument dedicated to the women silk weavers.

Realized in 1990 by the sculptor F. Somaini on commission of the Mantero family that, on the banks of the Sanagra river, in Burgatto, had one of its oldest and most prestigious silk factories. A stele in white Carrara marble, 10 meters high, depicts a weaver at work.


The monument dedicated to the "Tessitrice", that the sculptor has created, interprets the operability and hard work of the silk weaver. The stele, in white Carrara marble, 10 meters high, stands out on the lakefront. In the stone, at the top, you can see the shape of a weaver at work on a vertical frame, while below there is a succession of draping drafts to the ground. The same motif is taken up again, by the drapery in bronze wrapping the stele, creating an intense plastic effect.

At the base of the stele runs a band always in bronze with the inscriptions on the four sides:

Beppe Mantero wanted / Mariola Mantero built / Francesco Somaini carved / 1982 - 1990

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