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La Crocetta and the Cadorna Line

Point of Historical Interest

La Crocetta (500 m) is a panoramic point above Menaggio located in the hamlet of Croce, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Como, the coast of Bellagio and the small neighboring towns.

The territory around the Crocetta was part of the Cadorna Line, the line of defence of the First World War.


La Crocetta (alt. 500 m) is a belvedere above Menaggio from where one can enjoy a lovely view of Menaggio and the central lake area.
Monte Crocetta is part of the great defence line called "Linea Cadorna", the line of defence of the First World War.

Monte Crocetta was one of the cornerstones of the complex system of fortifications built for defensive purposes during the First World War. This line of fortifications called Advanced Employment North Frontier was more commonly known as Cadorna Line.
The Ceresio-Lario sector develops from Como to Menaggio through the mountain district of Val d'Intelvi. The walkways have been restored and if you wish you can walk through them discovering the armored positions, the shelters for the troops and observation posts.

You then reach the little chapel of San Maurizio built in 1975 by the "Gruppo Alpini di Menaggio" to remember the soldiers that fell during the two wars.

Inside there are two frescoes by Bruno Azimonti. Below the church, in the bunker that is part of the fortifications of Monte Crocetta, there is the shrine where every fallen soldier of Menaggio is remembered. From the church you can enjoy a wonderful view of Menaggio.
Close by the church is the other view point called La Crocetta (little cross) from where the view embraces the whole Centrale Lake area, the branch of Lecco, the Orobie Alps and to the North the Upper Lake Area and the Rhaetian Alps.

Historical Notes

Cadorna Line

This structure was built around the First World War by the will of the High Command of the Royal Italian Army, which decided to block any infiltration of the enemy army from the territory of the neutral Swiss Confederation.

In 1915, General Luigi Cadorna ordered the construction of a line of defence along the Italian-Swiss border.

Within two years, 72 km of trenches, 296 km of military roads and 398 km of cart tracks or mule tracks. were built from the Great St. Bernard Pass to the basin of Lake Como and from here to the Pizzo Diavolo through the Pizzo Tre Signori .

Although they have never become operational, the trenches are a great example of military engineering of the time, with walls and dams made of local limestone.

The line continues throughout the territory of the Lepontine Alps, in the Lario-Intelvesi Pre-Alps, comprising three main alignments: Varenna - Carlazzo, Monti di Tremezzo - Alpe di Ponna and Monti di Croce di Menaggio - Sasso S. Martino.


Starting point: Croce (alt. 393 m);
Walking time (one way): 0.40 hrs;
Ascent: 100 m;
Connections: from Menaggio to Croce bus line C12 or by car to Croce;

  • Starting point: Croce (alt. 393 m)
  • Walking time (one way): 40 minutes
  • Ascent: about 100 m
  • Connections: from Menaggio to Croce bus line C12 or by car to Croce
  • Difficulty: easy


The itinerary to La Crocetta and the Cadorna Line starts at the opposite side of the main road 340 that connects Menaggio with Lugano. From the bus stop continue about 15 m on the main road then cross it and pick up the Via Wyatt in the direction of the golf course (there is a big sign). The Menaggio – Cadenabbia golf Club, founded in 1907, is one of the oldest golf courses in Italy. At the beginning of the road you pass an ancient washhouse and after about 200 m you turn left into Via Pigato. After some bends the road ends and you continue on a cart track. Before arriving at the Crocetta you encounter the trenches.

You then reach the little chapel dedicated to San Maurizio.

Just beyond the little church there is the panoramic point La Crocetta.


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