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Historical Hamlet of Loveno

Historical Hamlet

Loveno is situated on the sunny south slope above Menaggio.
In the small hamlet in the 18th century, artists and high society liked to stay spend the summer in its splendid villas.


In the sunny hamlet of Loveno, where patrician families loved to stay, there are splendid villas.
Among these Villa Mylius Vigoni, property of the Federal German Republic, and seat of the German-Italian cultural foundation Villa Vigoni which organizes high level meetings.
The park around the villa, designed by Giuseppe Balzaretto can be visited on reservation on Thursday.

In front on the Villa Vigoni there is Villa Garovaglia Ricci, seat of the offices of the cultural foundation Villa Vigoni.

In the lower part of Loveno stand the beautiful villas Belfaggio and Bolza. The parish church SS. Lorenzo and Agnese, rebuilt between 1725 and 1738 is a noteworthy example of baroc art. Inside apart from fresco's by Luigi Tagliaferri there is a wooden statue by Lorenzo Matieli dating of 1737.

Historical Notes

In ancient times it was an autonomous municipality, first called Loveno, then Loveno with Nobiallo, Loveno and united and finally Loveno sopra Menaggio.
In 1929 it was aggregated to the municipality of Menaggio.


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