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Family trails

Kite surfers at the beach of Cremia
Family trails
Lake side walk between Cremia and Musso

3 Km 00:50 h

This walk is ideal to do with childrenĀ and also with strollers. You pass some nice beaches where you can stop to play or go for a swim .

The Sanagra stream in the Val Sanagra Park
Family trails
The Val Sanagra Park

2 Km 00:40 h (one way)

Above Menaggio there is the park Val Sanagra, a vast territory rich in flora fauna and ancient rural settlements. Out of the many hiking possibilities the park offers, we suggest an easy walk which follows the course of the Sanagra river.

Harbour of menaggio
Family trails
Menaggio puzzle tour and minigolf

1 Km 01:00 h (circular walk)

Historical and artistic itinerary for parents and quiz itinerary to amuse and entertain children discovering Menaggio.