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Harbour of menaggio

Menaggio puzzle tour and crazy golf

Family trails

Go to the tourist office of Menaggio and ask for the historic itinerary through the town together with the puzzle tour for children. This small walk is nice way to get to know the Menaggio. Bring the answer sheet back to the tourist office – there is little surprise for the children.


We then suggest a game of crazy golf at the end of the lake side promenade. After the crazy golf it’s time for a walk to Nobiallo (about 30 minutes) just follow the side walk out of town towards the north (the itinerary is described in the booklet “Historic Itineraries through Menaggio”) On the side of the tunnel you might be able to see some climbers on the rock climbing face. At Nobiallo follow the Antica Strada Regina, a very ancient road built by the romans and follow it as far as the Sanctuary of S. Anna. From here walk back on the lake side and have some fun on the play ground of Nobiallo.

Directions & Parking

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