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Church of SS. Lorenzo e Agnese

Religious Places

The Parish Church of SS. Lorenzo e Agnese located in Loveno, a hamlet of the municipality of Menaggio, surrounded by green parks, is certainly of ancient foundation and represents a remarkable example of Baroque art.

Inside Madonna dei Sette Dolori (XVI sec.), paintings (XVII sec.), antependium in scagliola (XVIII sec.), stoup (XV sec.), Serassi organ (1776), frescos by L. Tagliaferri (1898), wooden sculptures: Madonna della Cintura by L. Mattielli (1737) and Cristo morto. Baroque facade with statues of the patrons, medieval fragments and ancient fresco of S. Lorenzo on the rectory.


The parish church of SS. Lorenzo e Agnese was rebuilt between 1725 and 1738.

The interior has a single nave with four side chapels and the altars in precious marble document the wealth of the community that provided for the embellishment of the church. Inside, in addition to the frescoes by Luigi Tagliaferro, there is a valuable painting of the "Madonna dei Sette Dolori" and a wooden statue by Lorenzo Matieli of 1737.

Historical Notes

It was built in 1641 by Bishop Lazzaro Carafino, with the territory dismembered from the collegiate church of Santo Stefano di Menaggio and with dedication to the martyred Saints Lorenzo and Agnese.

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