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Villa Garovaglio Ricci

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Located in Loveno above Menaggio, in a splendid position, Villa Garovaglio Ricci offers a wonderful view of Lake Como up to the Bellagio peninsula.

The complex dates back to the eighteenth century, originally housed a spinning mill; today it is part, together with the nearby Villa Mylius Vigoni, of the Italian-German Villa Vigoni that organizes and hosts conferences, seminars, art events and bids scholarships.

The beautiful landscape, the beauty and elegance of the buildings, the history of the families who lived there, the importance and variety of the art collections make this center one of the most fascinating in Europe.


Thanks to its architectural features - the loggia and the great windows overlooking the lake - Villa Garovaglio Ricci is a perfect venue for work spaces such as offices, meeting rooms and studios, such as the Egyptian Room and the Marcolini Room. In the centre is the large Conference Room, designed by the architect Barbara Jakubeit: a highly versatile structure, suited to a wide variety of occasions including workshops, conferences and concerts.

Villa Garovaglio Ricci has undergone various transformations over the years. It was a spinning mill in the 18th century, before being turned into a villa by the archaeologist Alfonso Garovaglio, who housed his ethnographic collection here (now conserved in the Civico Museo Archeologico in Como). In 1966, Ignazio Vigoni Medici di Marignano purchased the villa, thereby extending his family estate.

Historical Notes

Owned by the family of the musician from Como Francesco Pasquale Ricci (1732-1817), it was used as a silk spinning mill until the middle of the 19th century.

Thanks also to the intervention of the painter Ludovico Pogliaghi, the building was transformed into a villa by the archaeologist Alfonso Garovaglio who adapted it to house the collections of finds acquired during numerous trips to Italy and the Middle East. Over the years, he established a sort of museum dedicated to the history of human civilization from the Stone Age to modernity, collecting objects of common use, artistic artifacts and worship with particular attention to ancient Egypt and the Etruscan-Roman antiquities that were exhibited in specially decorated environments such as the Egyptian Room and the Pompeian Room.

On Garovaglio's death, the heirs donated the entire collection to the Civic Archaeological Museum of Como, where it is still located. The villa was purchased by Ignazio Vigoni in 1966 and now houses the offices of the Italian-German Villa Vigoni and the conference room, the focus of its activities.

Useful Info

Getting there

Menaggio starting point

  • on foot about 20 min: from Piazza Garibaldi follow, Via Calvi, Via Caronti, Via C. da Castello, Via Sauro, Via XIV Maggio, Via Garovaglio to get to Villa Garovaglio Ricci.
  • by car: follow the road from Menaggio towards Lugano. After three hairpin bends turn right towards Loveno. Then after 200 m turn left towards Villa Garovaglio Ricci. Parking at the church.
  • by bus: line C13 to Plesio to Loveno, stop via Filzi, then continue on foot for 15 min.
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