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A mid summer dream at Breglia

Festivals & Celebrations

Saturday July 20th  join the food and wine tour through the historic centre of Breglia with food and wine tasting.

The tour starts at 6 p.m. and will be accompanied by music and little craft markets.

Adults 20 euro
Children 10 euro

Breglia is a small mountain village, part of the commune of Plesio, situated at an altitude of 750 meters and just 7 kilometers above Menaggio.


Food and wine tasting tour through the historic center of Breglia

With a  20 euro pass you can visit 11 stands that offer a tipcal menu and wine tasting

Stands/Adult menu /20 euro:

First stand: aperitivo with crostini - Giardino Ennio
Second stand: antipasto - Piazzetta Cancanei
Third stand: wines / water - Piazzetta Cancanei
Fourth stand: wines /water- Fontana Gera
Fifth stand: little meat spit with vegies - Fontana Gera
Sixth stand: lake fish in carpione with polenta - Cortile Tanetta
Seventh stand: wines/ water - Fontanella Roveda
Eighth: cheeses - Cortile Magino
Ninth stand: wines /water - Cortile Magino
Tenth stand: peaches and wine - Cortile Magino
Eleventh stand:  passito con cantucci - Piazza del Torch

Twelfth stand: beer (not included in your pass) - Palazzone


Postazione / menu bambini / 10 euro

Prima postazione: french fries or popcorn  + orange juice - Giardino Ennio
Quarta postazione: drinks -   Fontana Gera
Quinta postazione: little smeat spit with vegies  - Fontana Gera
Decima postazione: peaches and orange juice - Cortile Magino
Undicesima postazione: cookies or cake - Piazza del Torch
Dodicesima postazione: games- Campo giochi

At the end of the tour behind the church .....Country Music 

Useful Info

In case of bad weather the festival will take place July 21st

Tickets can be bought at the desk in front of  the the church of S. Gregorio

For presale of tickets call 335 8129898 or 339 8560228


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