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Menaggio International Guitar Festival 2024


XVI International Guitar Festival Menaggio

concerts | musical aperitifs | workshops
August 24-31, 2024


With the International Guitar Festival, now in its 16th edition, the town of Menaggio becomes the scene of a unique journey into the world of the guitar, with its varied sounds and musical languages: from contemporary classical guitar to fingerpicking, from South American music to jazz, giving a privileged space to the most innovative techniques of the instrument.

Starting in the afternoon, the alleys and venues of Menaggio come alive with "musical aperitifs" in which artists with different musical paths perform. Then, during the evenings in the picturesque setting of the churches, more intimate concerts take place, while on the stages one can enjoy performances that include dance, image, innovative sound and instrumental techniques.


XVI International Guitar Festival Menaggio

concerts | musical aperitifs | workshops
August 24-31, 2024



Saturday August 24 - Tremezzo
At 21.00 - Parco Olivelli

Trio in Breve

Eric Franceries - classic guitar
Frederic Bernard - classic guitar
Igor Kiritchenko - cello

Tuesday August 27  - Menaggio
At 21.00 - Church of San Carlo

Ensemble di Chitarre

del Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana

Wednesday August 28 - Menaggio
At 21.00 - church of S. Marta

Duo Latinoamericando

Roberto Cilona - flute
Massimo Aureli - classic guitar

Thursday August 29 - Menaggio
At 18.00 - Bar Gabbiano

Sudamerica in Canzone

Cachito Luna Victoria - voice and guitar
Gigi Ceresa - electric guitar

opening Davide Ruffini

At 21.00 - Church of San Carlo

Migrazione e Musica

Sergio Fabian Lavia - guitar and voice
Dilene Ferraz - voice and flute
Gabriele Cavadini - cello

Friday August 30 - Menaggio
At 18.00 - Pasticceria Cassera Moretti

Cantautori Italiani

Sabrina Morganti - voice
Marco Cases - guitar

opening Rocco Genni

At 21.00 - Parco dell'Asilo

Vintage Guitars

Sasa Dejanovic - classic guitar

At 22.00 - Parco dell'Asilo

Mediterranean Flavours

Alessia Martegiani - Voice
Maurizio di Fulvio - guitar latin jazz

Saturday August 31 - Menaggio
At 18.00 - Piazza Garibaldi

Chitarra per Tutti

Gruppo facebook di appassionati della chitarra in concerto

At 21.00 - Parco dell'Asilo

Indefinito Infinito

Pietro Nobile -  accusic guitar

At 22.00 - Parco dell'Asilo

Duo Equinox:
The best of Italy

Giovanni Lanzini - clarinet
Fabio Montomoli - classic guitar


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