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Lower Merion


June 27, 2022 6:00 pm Concert of the American orchestra Lower Merion at Piazza Garibaldi, Menaggio.

2022 Lower Merion Jazz Band

The Lower Merion Jazz Band is based in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. It is made up of students between the ages of 15 and 18 and rehearses 3 hours a week throughout the academic year. The school is renowned as one of the best school districts in the country for music education. Basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, graduated from Lower Merion and spent many of his early childhood years living in Italy. The jazz band and jazz combo perform regularly at jazz festivals, jazz clubs and community concerts. This is their fifth tour of Italy under the direction of composer and saxophonist Andrew Neu. The band is well known throughout the area for their fun and exciting shows, as well as their high level of musicianship. Their tight interpretations of traditional swing, Latin and big band funk provide a showcase for their professional level soloists. This fantastic group of young musicians is ensuring that the future of jazz and big band music will continue to flourish and grow. We are honored to perform for you and hope you will appreciate our love for this great art form.

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