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Marathon trail Lago di Como 2021

Saturday, October 02, 2021 departure SHORT DISTANCE km 31 D + 2.200 m. at 09:30 am from Menaggio.

Will not be carried out the distance 60 km.

The regulation for Short Distance race 31 km remains valid.


Time trial start every 5 seconds in groups of 5 athletes (about 15 meters between each starting block).
The starting area will be prepared to have required safety distances.
The personal material will have to be put on one's own car in the parking lots in the starting area.
Refreshments will provide bottled H2O plus individually packaged food.
There will be no showers - except for the latest safety regulations.
There will be no pasta party - except for the last security dispositions.
Will be delivered at the arrival to each athlete a bag containing food vacuum and closed drinks.
Awards on stage only absolute classification.
Prizes for each category delivered at the arrival.
In the race packet collection area you can enter individually with differentiated entry and exit. Will be present product disinfectant hands. Will be delivered a mask to athlete.

Asphalt road 6% - Cobblestone road 8% - Mountain road with concrete 4% - Mule track / Track 82%.

Location race Prealps Lake Como western side
Host locations:
Menaggio - Plesio

Short Distance 31 km - positive elevation gain 2,200 m
Departure from Menaggio LIDO square lake area (altitude 201 m above sea level) Saturday, October 02, 2021 at 09:30 am. Maximum time 8:30 hours.
Arrival Menaggio lake square (altitude 201 m above sea level)

Pick up of bibs Marathon Trail Lake Como
Saturday 02 October from 06:30 to 09:00 Menaggio (CO) race starting area.

Prize giving - Menaggio:
Short Distance 31 km: Saturday 02.10.2021 - at 17:30

Race cost € 35,00

Race costs
€ 35,00 until 31.08. 2021
€ 45,00 from 01.09.2021 to 29.09. 2021

Menaggio 201 m
Plesio 595 m
Breglia 749 m
Sant Amate 1.623 m
Mount Bregagno 2.107 m
Sant Amate 1.623 m
Ref. Menaggio 1,383 m
Plesio 595 m
Barna 563 m
La Chioderia locality 440 m
Loveno above Menaggio 300 m
Menaggio 201 m

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