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Restaurants and Bars

Al Paladar della Memoria

(Bars and Pubs) Always Open

Bar il Paladar della Memoria is situated in the heart of Menaggio in a typical alley in the historical centre. Perfect for an aperitivo, breakfast or light lunch.

  • Via Carlo Camozzi, 3, Menaggio, CO, Italia
  • +39 0344 30102

Bar Costantin

(Bars and Pubs) Always Open

Situaded in  a typical street in the heart of Menaggio. The bar also hosts a pizzeria restaurant.

Bar dalla Terry

(Bars and Pubs) Always Open

Local café sitituated close the the bus station and right next to Menaggio’s soccer field.

Ideal for a coffee, a lunch break or an aperitivo.

  • Via Roma, Menaggio, CO, Italia
  • +39 3664631749

Bar Gelateria il Gabbiano

(Bars and Pubs) Always Open

Stop for an aperitif or a light lunch while enjoying the beautiful view from our lakeside terrace.
Artisan ice cream parlor. Own production of ice cream, ice cream biscuits, sticks and popsicles made exclusively with fresh fruit juice or puree.

  • Viale Benedetto Castelli, 25, Menaggio, CO, Italia
  • +39 0344 32608

Bar Piccadilly

(Bars and Pubs) Always Open

Bar Piccadilly is a typical local bar situated in the fascinating village Nobiallo. There is a lovely outdoor terrace overlooking the lake.

  • Via Armando Diaz, 45, Menaggio, CO, Italia
  • +39 0344 32364

Break Caffè

(Bars and Pubs) Always Open

Perfect place for breakfat or lunch. Nice and tasty aperitivo.

  • Via Lusardi, 40, Menaggio, CO, Italia
  • +39 338 1306771

Café del Pèss

(Bars and Pubs) Always Open

Perfect for a coffee break, snack or Aperitivo!

Amazing view of Bellagio and the lake. Lots of outside seating space and huge shady umbrellas.

  • Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 7, Menaggio, CO, Italia
  • +39 0344 32053

Cafeteria pastry shop Aste

(icecream shops / pastry shops) Always Open

At the cefeteria pastry shop Aste you can find fresh  brioches,  pastries, Maritozzi, meringues,  cakes (also on reservation) Ideal for a typical Italian sweet breakfast.

Caffè Centrale

(Bars and Pubs) Always Open

Bar Centrale is situated in the center of Menaggio overlooking the lively Piazza Garibaldi and the lake.
An ideal place for breakfast and an aperitif or a informal meal.

Caffetteria and pastry shop Cassera Moretti

(icecream shops / pastry shops) Always Open

The Cassera Moretti pastry shop and café is located in the historic center of Menaggio. Ideal for a good Italian breakfast or to enjoy a good snack with the daily selection of cakes, biscuits and pastries accompanied by an excellent selection of refined hot teas and chocolates in the colder periods. In summer the café offers artisanal ice cream.