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Closure of the state road 340

The lake side road between Menaggio and Como is closed for 4 months

Until 5 April 2022 the lake side road SS 340 Regina, between Menaggio and Como will be closed to traffic and to pedestrians in the area of Colonno. The road block in the municipality of Colonno is to anable the beginning of the construction works by ANAS fof the so-called “Variante Tremezzina”, a series of new tunnels. Alternative mobility has been arranged: implementation of various public transport and alternative car routes.

Boat service

The rapid boat service between Menaggio and Como has been enhanced by adding to the time table an additional hydrofoil that will make 4 extra trips with the extension of some of them up to Colico. The ferry service will be carried out by 4 ferries and will cover the time slot from 4.50 to 00.10. There is a free shuttle boat that connects the public boat docks of Argegno and Sala Comacina from 5 am to 9.45 pm. For timetables, consult the website www.navigazionelaghi.it.

Bus service

The C10 bus line between Como and Menaggio will be divided into two sections Como-Argegno and Sala Comacina-Menaggio, which will be connected to each other by a free lake shuttle between Argegno and Sala Comacina ensured by the public boat service Navigazione Laghi. The boat trip takes about 40 minutes. For bus timetables, consult the website AFS autolinee.

Alternative car routes in order to reach Menaggio from Como

A- Passage along SS340 as far as Argegno and then continue along the SP 13 road up to Centro Valle Intelvi, and then continue on the SP 14 to Porlezza. From Porlezza continue along SS340 road to Menaggio. On the SP 14, along the stretch between San Fedele Intelvi and Porlezza, the transit of trucks over 12 meters long and weighing more than 24 tons, as well as vehicles over 3.80 in height, is forbidden.

B – Passage along the SP583 road from Como to Bellagio then car ferry from Bellagio to Menaggio or to Cadenabbia

C – Passage through Switzerland, along highway 2 (E 35) to Lugano and then continue along the SS 340 road to Menaggio

D – Passage along the SS36 road from Lecco to Varenna then from Varenna car ferry to Menaggio.